VIA Innovation lab is a thought leader in the progressive spiritual space.

Founded by United Church of Christ reverend Phil Hart, the organization was founded with the mission of promoting innovation, creativity, & experimentation in faith & spirituality.

VIA conducts workshops, performs social experiments, collects data on progressive spirituality, and produces content for its audience.

What & Why

When we met VIA, it was ambiguous, and just an idea, but they had some funding, and wanted to get their concept of the ground. We consulted with them for several months to help them figure out what they needed, and to get them to a launching point.

For the VIA project we played the role of Creative Director, Strategist, Designer, and Web Developer. As a part of these functions, we helped to select vendors and direct the branding and video production processes.

We also designed and developed VIA’s website and designed and produced several printed materials.

The Results