True Pursuit is an informational campaign produced by Tolles Career & Technical Center. The website is designed for parents and students who are interested in breaking through the noise of college and career preparation and exploring all options available to them after high school.

What & Why

Tolles Career & Technical Center was looking to expand the help they offered high school students by providing more informational content for them and their parents. As a result, the Career Center produced an insightful documentary that summarizes the state of the workforce in our economy, and gives students valuable information regarding their vocational options.

To showcase this documentary and its supporting content, Tolles reached out to us to develop a website to showcase, and share the information they uncovered through the documentary. (They were especially interested in our services, as Shelby is a graduate of a high school Career Technical program. 🙂 ) We developed a site that allows Tolles to feature the trailer, host the entire documentary, and feature some video clips and written content around the subject of career trajectories. The result (below) was a user-friendly site that helped their campaign reach thousands of people across the country.


Also, you can click here to read a piece that Shelby wrote for the True Pursuit campaign! 🙂