OpeningAct.fm is the brain child of Mike Hale. It’s a site for entrepreneurs to learn how to build their audience, and convert them into customers, using growth hacking and content marketing. The brand uses the metaphor of a band making it to the stage as the “opening act” for a bigger name, to convey it’s purpose and relay its message.

What & Why

We drew on inspiration from both the live music industry, and business/growth hacking industry, finding the visual points of overlap to utilize in the design elements.

Our approach strengthens and clarifies the purpose of the site for its users, while weaving the music metaphor into the design.

Our main goal for the project was to clarify the brand’s purpose, while incorporating visuals reminiscent of the music theme. Creating a well-balanced visual for a brand relying so heavily on metaphor is crucial to its successful conversion of users.

The Results