We’re completely and totally crazy

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We said it so you don’t have to. You’re welcome! 😉 …but crazy is where the magic happens! When you’re willing to get real, sit in your imperfection, live into the things you strongly believe, pursue your work passionately, and make decisions from that place of grounded dreaming (or is it dreamy groundedness?), it’s magical. And terrifying. Those things are not mutually exclusive. (Few things are, actually, but that’s another story!)

So we’re undertaking a lot of really big things. We’re getting our honey where we get our money, intermingling business and personal lives, raising a cat and a tiny human, and basically living in two cities. Sometimes we love it, and sometimes we’re scared to death, but always we live it. That’s life.

We think our particular crazy is a good thing. We hope you think so too, but if not, that’s okay. As far as we’re concerned, we love everyone, and you’re next. 😛

Ready to Roll?

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