Tracy Apps

Partner | Director, UX + Creative
Fun Facts:
  • a taurus
  • terrified of spiders
  • ENFP (sometimes INFP)
  • ennegram type 9 (the peacemaker), and sometimes type 2 (the helper)
  • can deadlift over 300 lbs.
  • loves bulleted lists
  • whovian
  • likes fruity drinks
  • ... especially drinks with umbrellas in them
  • an adoptee
  • is an only child AND an oldest sibling
  • doesn't like typing in capital letters
  • second follower on twitter was Barack Obama (no, really). also is followed by John Cleese and the 'chocolate rain' guy from youtube
  • #likesPuttingWholeSentencesInHashtags
  • loves making fun fact lists. (you're welcome shelby)
  • Hometown

    Milwaukee, WI

  • Pets

    A cat named moe, who also wears a bowtie. (and also has her own twitter and instagram account. Which is COMPLETELY normal.)

  • Favorite Color


  • Musical Instruments

    Drums and percussion. I play a little guitar as well. I started piano lessons when I was 4, but don't ask me to play anything since I have apparently blocked any piano skills out of my brain.

  • Preferred Exercise

    Lifting heavy things over my head repeatedly (aka: CrossFit)

  • Favorite Project Types

    Complex creative problem solving and bending WordPress do to my will

  • Pedestrian Super Power

    Fitting that last dish in the dishwasher

Reading Time: 1 minute

Tracy’s passion for the web started back in 1996 when her parents got the first computer that went on the internet. After browsing through several homepages of people (you know, those free angelfire, geocities, tripod, etc sites) she decided she wanted to try making one of those, then stayed up all night creating a homepage and teaching herself web development… and she was hooked.

Being able to just create things using code is just one piece of Tracy’s web design/development passion. More importantly, she is passionate about using these technologies to connect people, help others, and, as corny as it sounds, make the world just a bit better.