Shelby Elliott

Partner | Director, Strategy + Creative
Fun Facts:
  • Wiggles when excited
  • Gin drinker (once read a sign that said "begin" as "be gin" and didn't find it odd)
  • Spells "grey" for light greys and "gray" for dark grays
  • Former Science Olympian
  • Word nerd.
  • Is a twin :) (no, not identical)
  • ENFP (INFP when it's cold outside :P)
  • Enneagram type 2 (wing 3)
  • Hates unscheduled phone calls.
  • Avid thrifter
  • Buys most things in bulk
  • Sagittarius
  • Thinks Tracy's opposition to capitalizing words is barbaric
  • Fun fact list making stresses me out. Tracy's making me do this. #blameTracy
  • I expect to see #blameTracy trending soon, so get on that please.
  • Home

    Columbus, Ohio

  • Other living things I'm responsible for

    A little boy named Jack

  • Favorite Color


  • Preferred Exercise


  • Musical Instruments

    French Horn, Keyboard, Vocal Chords :P

  • Favorite Project Types

    Branding, Launches, Marketing Strategy

  • Pedestrian Super Power

    Making an amazing meal out of the odds and ends left in my kitchen when we really need groceries

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Shelby started designing print materials when she was 14, though she took pride in designing Powerpoint presentations and reports for her classes from an early age. Essentially, she’s been hooked on design her entire life! She took her designs to the web starting in her sophomore year of high school, when she helped redesign a church camp website. From there, she went on to study Information Technology with a Digital Media focus at her local Career & Technical school, and had her first paying client at the age of 16, and has been working with clients freelance or full time ever since. Her experience runs the gambit of Marketing, Design, and IT, which makes her passionate about connecting the dots and providing full service solutions for people that just want to grow.


(Side note: You should read some of the things I’ve written for you. 🙂 I made them for you. Because I love you.)