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Shelby Elliott

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Shelby is a unique blend of essential oils, coffee, and the color purple. She spends her time making awesome things for you, hanging out with her three year old, or in the kitchen mostly. She also claims to do yoga, but doesn’t make it to her mat often enough, but that’s life, right? Since you’re here because she does creative things, you probably also want to know that Shelby builds websites with WordPress, designs digital and print assets, edits video, works on marketing campaigns, designs brand and marketing strategies, and has been supporting clients in creative endeavors for nearly nine years.

Tracy Apps

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Tracy loves solving problems creatively. Her overlap of skills in design, user experience, strategy, front-end development, photography, video, and traditional art help her not only think outside the box but to stay miles away from the box altogether! With over 20 years of web development experience and over 15 years of client work under her belt, Tracy approaches design very strategically, thinking from all angles to ensure a consistent and effective creative solution… not just something that “looks pretty.” She also could probably deadlift you.