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Long Live Design!

Reading Time: 1 minute

This is the talk Tracy gave at WordCamp Kent 2017. 🙂 Design is Dead – Long Live Design! (Why Does Every Website Look The Same?) DESIGN IS DEAD! Why does every website look the same today? Let’s take a stroll down the internet history of … Read more

Let’s get down to business

Reading Time: 2 minutes

“What is it you’d say you do here?” The answer is yes. A more useful question might be, what would you say you don’t do here? We’ve set the intention of allowing ourselves to be a full service creative agency. We’ve both struggled in our respective industries with … Read more

Be the Expert (Chicago)

Reading Time: 1 minute

This is the talk that Shelby gave at WordCamp Chicago 2017. Be the expert: Stop scope creep and gain more creative control I charged $500 for my first client website project. I was so stoked because I knew could complete the project … Read more

You are not your Audience: How to create user-centered design (Chicago)

Reading Time: 1 minute

This is the talk Tracy gave at WordCamp Chicago 2017. 🙂 (Original post with social media recap can be found here) You Are Not Your Audience: How To Create User Centered Design. There’s a lot more to successful design than just making … Read more

How to make your life SO much easier!

Reading Time: 4 minutes

So today I’m going to rave about some scheduling tools I use and how much easier they make life. Now this isn’t meant to be some sort of humble-brag about how spectacularly busy and popular I am…as a matter of fact, I think busyness in business (huzzah for … Read more