So how, exactly, did we get here?

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I’m so glad you asked! You’re in for a treat. Our friend Kristen is writing the screenplay of how we got here, actually. Coming soon to a theater near you. Starring Ellen Page and Ellen Degeneres.

But for now, I’ll give you the abridged version.

Tracy lives in Milwaukee. Shelby lives in Columbus. We met in Ann Arbor, Michigan, where we went dancing in the street at a local block party. It was magic. We then reconnected a couple months later in Philadelphia, where Tracy showed off her mad karaoke skills, flaunting her memorization of the lyrics of Ice Ice Baby and donning her Jesus belt buckle. Then we were picked up by a black Escalade full of Canadians (seriously), we went dancing again, and it wasn’t long after that until we discovered our mutual love of all things progressive, spiritual, existential, musical, and of course nerdy.

Through the course of admiring each other’s professional work and personal charms, we began to notice just how complementary our skillsets were. So, after waiting as long as humanly possible (clearly, we’re very patient people :P), we decided to join our forces together for good (design)! So now, we’re breaking the rules and mixing business with pleasure.

But who are we, you ask?

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