Never too late to Rise & Grind

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If you’re a solopreneur (not unlike myself) or you have a side hustle of some sort, you may have found yourself in a position of, “Crap. I just wasted the first 3 hours of my day.”

Maybe you were dreaming about the future of your business.

Or maybe you were doing house chores.

Or maybe you slept in instead of adhering to your optimistically early alarm. 😉

If you’re like me, at this point you give up for the day, at least to some degree. If you couldn’t get that client e-mail out before noon, or call that vendor when they first opened, or finished that set of proofs during your first cup of coffee, then why bother at all?

I may just be preaching to myself here, but I’d like to take this opportunity to remind whomever is reading, that it’s never too late to start, but if you never start you’ll never finish.

It occurred to me the other day (and this is shocking, I know) that whenever I rise, I can still rise and grind, even if it’s just for thirty minutes before the next interruption. The course of my day doesn’t have to be dictated by the pitfalls I encounter, but it will be shaped by my response toward those pitfalls.

Newton’s first law says that an object at rest will stay at rest and an object in motion will stay in motion. Furthermore, it takes way more energy to get moving from a stop than it does to keep moving. What’s true for physics is true for your business and your life. (Probably should have given you a nerd alert there… anyway.) Today I want to encourage you to be where you are, wherever that is, and move from there. Move forward, move on, or even take a step back. Just move.

If you need help to get moving and make your dream a reality, or want reminders to do that, or solidarity in the grind (because some days it…is…a…grind), subscribe to my thoughts and ideas via email or social media (links and stuff go here) or reach out to me directly. I’d love to help however I can. And really, this also holds me accountable, so it’s kind of self-preserving, which I’m guessing you can relate to, because you’re probably human if you’re reading this. So help a sister out and know you’re not alone – win/win.

Ta-ta for now!

Shelby 🙂

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