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“What is it you’d say you do here?”

The answer is yes. A more useful question might be, what would you say you don’t do here?

We’ve set the intention of allowing ourselves to be a full service creative agency. We’ve both struggled in our respective industries with not being as “specialized” as most employers would like. Instead of letting that get us down, or put us in a box, we’ve decided to live into our multiple passions and multiple strengths. This works especially well since we collectively have over 25 years of experience in marketing, design, and development, and complementary interests and skills. Check it out:

Shelby likes and is good at:

  • Branding
  • Words
  • Strategy  (Marketing, Design, etc.)
  • Logo Design
  • Layout Design
  • Print Design

In other words, Shelby helps your business express itself through words and images in a way that attracts your best clients. Yay, expression!

Tracy likes and is good at:

  • User Experience Planning
  • Visual Representation of Ideas (Shelby phrased this, though.)
  • Web Development (and making WordPress do things it may or may not have been intended for)
  • Problem Solving
  • Video/Things with Cameras
  • User Interface Design

In other words, Tracy makes the structure enhance the function of your website, document, or training course so that it’s actually usable and useful to the people it’s meant to help. Yay, helping!

So what would we say we do here? Things that are or relate to things in that list. And, because we can do it all in-house, we are able to help you be more effective with your time and budget. If you think we could help you, contact us here.

Stay tuned to our next post!

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