Getting Started

Who We Work With

So we're a bit picky, and honestly, we hope you are too! We draw a hard line here to make sure we're doing our best work, and that our clients have an AMAZING experience with us. Check out our criteria below to see if you're a good fit to work with us.


We LOVE what we do, and it’s important to us that you do too. We don’t work with burnt out or complacent people, because it’s harder to get behind those projects and it zaps our creative juices.


We only work with people doing good, quality work in the world (and bonus points if it’s interesting work!) We don’t work with people who focus primarily on profit for profit’s sake, because we don’t feel right about promoting that attitude in the world.


To work with us, you have to be done with doing everything yourself, and excited to delegate and trust experts. We can’t produce good work for skeptical or controlling clients.


To work with us, you have to invest time and money. We’re good at what we do, so our pricing and our thorough process reflect that. We’ll be upfront about the commitment you’re making time and money-wise, and we want you to take both of those as seriously as we take your project.


To work with us, you need to know what you want to happen, in a way that we can quantify. If you’re not sure if you have measurable goals, you need to be willing to work with us to define those. 🙂


We work hard and play hard, and sometimes we are able to do both at once. We want you to have fun with us throughout the project, and enjoy the process of growing your business or organization. The work we’ll do together is hard, rewarding, and beautiful, so it should be celebrated.

Most Importantly

We’ve created a way of working that allows us to offer you our very best, so in addition to the above items, you need to be willing to follow our process. Please review your quote and/or proposal for information on this, and contact one of us with any questions you have.