Designing Suits and Sites the Incredible Way

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I was watching The Incredibles with my little guy the other night when I realized that I am basically Edna Mode (minus the strange accent and mild megalomania, of course).

If you watch Edna in action, you’ll see that the superiority complex masks meticulous attention to her craft and thoughtfulness toward her clients. She knows she plays a critical role in keeping Supers secret and safe from the public. Her suits are specially made to meet each client’s needs, stretching along with Elastigirl’s limbs or keeping up with Dash’s antics. She doesn’t shy away from challenges like a suit that will become invisible when Violet does. She even has to anticipate needs that haven’t presented themselves yet, making sure little Jack-Jack’s suit is fire- and bulletproof to protect him and machine-washable (which, as a mom, I wholeheartedly appreciate). And she doesn’t hesitate to remind Helen that she is a superhero no matter how long the family’s been in hiding. Edna’s suits are the public persona of each superhero.

All of my clients are superheroes, and the websites, brand messaging, and marketing strategies I create are the public persona of your business. Instead of concealing your identity, I announce and promote unique stories and skills; aka, superpowers. Brand communications cannot be an afterthought…they need to fit businesses like a glove…or, (and I hope you know what I’m about to say), a super suit! So obviously, you now see why I am kindred spirits with one Ms. Mode.

Websites and brand strategies should fit the specific needs of each business and its customers, whether it’s an easy-to-use online shop or an interactive portfolio that attracts clients, or a rocking content calendar for social media channels that provides a ton of value to the audience served. Brand designs and strategy should also easily grow and change throughout the lifecycle of a business, Those critical pieces of your brand, and more importantly whoever you trust with those pieces, should remind you of the strengths and values of your business.

You wouldn’t put Elastigirl in Mr. Incredible’s suit, (and Edna would certainly not approve,) so don’t put your business in a one-size-fits-all website or an inauthentic, turnkey brand strategy. It will do the job, sort of (it’s definitely better than being naked), but you’ll certainly see diminishing returns. Anyone that steps out in entrepreneurship to carve a space in this world for their dream is incredible, and I help you supers build something custom and fabulous to showcase those super powers because you have the important task of saving the world the way only you can.

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