Long Live Design!

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This is the talk Tracy gave at WordCamp Kent 2017. 🙂 Design is Dead – Long Live Design! (Why Does Every Website Look The Same?) DESIGN IS DEAD! Why does every website look the same today? Let’s take a stroll down the internet history of … Read more

You’ve Been Branded.

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This is the talk Shelby gave at WordCamp Kent 2017. 🙂 You’ve Been Branded: The First Step to Engaging Your Ideal Audience. The process of building an effective website starts long before you even touch a WordPress installation. The simple … Read more

Let’s get down to business

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“What is it you’d say you do here?” The answer is yes. A more useful question might be, what would you say you don’t do here? We’ve set the intention of allowing ourselves to be a full service creative agency. We’ve both struggled in our respective industries with … Read more

We’re completely and totally crazy

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We said it so you don’t have to. You’re welcome! 😉 …but crazy is where the magic happens! When you’re willing to get real, sit in your imperfection, live into the things you strongly believe, pursue your work passionately, and make decisions from … Read more

So how, exactly, did we get here?

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I’m so glad you asked! You’re in for a treat. Our friend Kristen is writing the screenplay of how we got here, actually. Coming soon to a theater near you. Starring Ellen Page and Ellen Degeneres. But for now, I’ll give you the abridged version. Tracy lives … Read more

Be the Expert (Chicago)

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This is the talk that Shelby gave at WordCamp Chicago 2017. Be the expert: Stop scope creep and gain more creative control I charged $500 for my first client website project. I was so stoked because I knew could complete the project … Read more

You are not your Audience: How to create user-centered design (Chicago)

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This is the talk Tracy gave at WordCamp Chicago 2017. 🙂 (Original post with social media recap can be found here) You Are Not Your Audience: How To Create User Centered Design. There’s a lot more to successful design than just making … Read more

How to make your life SO much easier!

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So today I’m going to rave about some scheduling tools I use and how much easier they make life. Now this isn’t meant to be some sort of humble-brag about how spectacularly busy and popular I am…as a matter of fact, I think busyness in business (huzzah for … Read more

Never too late to Rise & Grind

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If you’re a solopreneur (not unlike myself) or you have a side hustle of some sort, you may have found yourself in a position of, “Crap. I just wasted the first 3 hours of my day.” Maybe you were dreaming about the future of your business. Or … Read more

Designing Suits and Sites the Incredible Way

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I was watching The Incredibles with my little guy the other night when I realized that I am basically Edna Mode (minus the strange accent and mild megalomania, of course). If you watch Edna in action, you’ll see that the superiority complex masks meticulous … Read more