You guys... we're starting a podcast!

A podcast about what?

So, you should probably make sure you're sitting down right now...

Ok, you ready?

...We're gay.

But here's the really tough part... we're also Christians.

Yes, you read that right. We're all kinds of Jesus-y, and no, we don't think this is an oxymoron, to be a "gay Christian."

...but a lot of people still do.

So we want to talk about it. A lot.

More importantly, we want to talk about why we find value in church, faith, religion, Jesus, etc, as people in general (since our orientation is only one piece of the puzzle for us.)

So we're starting a podcast about it, but we need help naming it. That's where you come in. :)

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Help us name it!

Podcast Name Poll
But if you come up with something super awesome, we'll totally give you a shout out!

Tell me when it's live!

Tell me when the podcast is live!