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We’re a one-stop creative agency that helps you market yourself, without pulling all your hair out in the process.

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What we do

Our main offering is website design & development, but we pride ourselves on being a full service creative agency. For us, it means that we get to flex all of our tech, design, marketing, and strategy muscles. For you, it means less juggling & more growth. We will take care of everything but walking your dog (and maybe that too if you ask very nicely :P).

Who we are

Meet Shelby & Tracy, the dynamic duo of Corner Market Media! :)

About Us

How we help clients

We have such a comprehensive, full-service approach specifically so that we can help you...

Wade through the noise

With everyone and their brother giving you advice on how to market yourself, it can be hard to figure out where to start, but we’ll help you do that and make sure you don’t wind up sounding like everyone else.

Meet and exceed your goals

We help you do this by crafting a high impact strategy tailored to your situation, your dream, and your needs, that results in building a loyal audience, who cares deeply about interacting with you and will be the best candidates to keep your work fulfilling and fun.

Save time

With all of our projects, we look for ways to automate the workflow you already have, and optimize your marketing strategy to fit within your time constraints, even as it scales.

We’re here to help. 🙂

We understand, and we love working with people  just like you.

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Shelby and Tracy were able to clearly understand what I was looking for and brought new ideas to the table that I hadn’t even thought of. With their help, I was able to have the design and branding elements I needed. Communication was easy and all deliverables and revisions were on time and as promised. It was a pleasure to work with Corner Market Media on my new site!

Mike Hale
Developer & Founder, Opening Act
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Shelby has been a great asset to our company. She is very reliable, trust-worthy, and knowledgeable in her work. She helped expand awareness of our brand and was instrumental in the success of our Kickstarter campaign. I would highly recommend Shelby!

Danielle Gonzales
Co-Founder, Sloane Men
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When it comes to depth of knowledge in developing a WordPress site (not just blogs), Tracy ranks right there at the top. In addition to being in touch with current best practices, she thinks out of the box for opportunities to make a website a market leader.

Matthew Olson
President, Signalfire, LLC
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Shelby did my blog rebrand and is not just an awesome web designer but an intuitive troubleshooter and mind-reader as well. She helped me make sense of my scattered ideas to create a cohesive visual brand. She is always ready to save the day when I need help debugging something in WordPress.

Jennifer Duann Fultz
Owner & Author, A Minus Mama

We totally get it.

We take the time to understand you, your strengths, your goals, and your challenges, so we can channel your expertise into creative projects and solutions that will help you grow.

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