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Corner Market Media is a creative agency that exists for people who are hell-bent on changing their world. Whether that world is a particular industry, community or social cause, we help them connect others with their work.

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Shelby Elliott

Shelby is our Founder and Chief Creative Officer. She’s been in the Web Design and Web Marketing space for the past 6 years. A self-proclaimed “figure-outter” and “community junkie,” this whole thing was her idea, so whatever it is, you can probably blame her. You should also know she thinks she’s funny – many people object to this statement.


Aaron Kleespies

Aaron is our Marketing & Communications Assistant, and can likely be applauded for bringing you to our little corner of the internet. He’s especially interested in using neuro-marketing & behavior economics to help usĀ facilitateĀ change in the world. A self-motivated individual, he’s lovesĀ to put his skills to the test withĀ all manner of challenges, (especially if the challenge ends with red velvet cake. šŸ˜‰ )


Sawyer Shafer

Sawyer is our VirtualĀ Assistant, aka the right hand man for Corner Market Media. When he’s not helping us out, Sawyer is busy attending Wright State University and running his theatre company, Sansami Creative Works. It should also be noted that he’s not nearly as creepy as he looks in this picture.

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